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Blending Silo »

The blending silo and mixer is composed of two independent silos, a charger head and an automatic closing sliding door. It’s an automatic silo for the feeding and blending of… Read More

Compact shredder »

MT compact shredder, a crusher for shredding, harrowing, grinding, chopping all kinds of materials. A shredding machine for companies where processing costs are important. The MT Shredders are manufactured with… Read More

Shredding Mill »

The TR model range is a high performance shredding mill for cutting, shredding, grinding, harrowing and tearing all materials. Products that can be shredded include: all kinds of polypropylene PP,… Read More

Rotator shredder »

The Rotator shredder is part of a range of cutters capable of processing the following products: all kinds of ropes, such as raffia, sisal, hemp, polypropylene ropes, polyester ropes nylon ropes, elastic… Read More

Spreading »

Fully automatic spreading, cutting and stacking machines for laying out fabrics, materials and non-elastic materials. Different models are designed to work simultaneously with multiple rolls, with multiple A-Frames or with… Read More

Automatic Roll Slitting »

We have a range of fully automatic roll slitting machines available, often referred to as log cutters or log slitters. These are used for the cutting of pieces or ribbons… Read More

Manual Roll Slitting »

Manual roll slitting or log slitting machine for cutting rolls into pieces, ribbons and bias. Suitable for roll slitting up to Ø650mm diameter and roll widths of up to 6.000mm…. Read More

Roll Saw »

Our fully automatic roll saw is  a saw-cutting machine for cutting pieces and ribbons from hard product rolls. The machines are capable of sawing rolls up to Ø850mm diameter and… Read More

OT Series Flatbed Laminator »

The OT series flatbed laminator is our highest specification currently, it is the most flexible and offers the highest productivity. Initially designed for applications in the clothing industry, such as… Read More

Powder Scattering »

Powder scattering devices (PSD) can be used across many areas of industries, from scattering powder adhesive for a bonding application, to adding products to assist with fire retardancy etc. Irrespective… Read More