Soft Signage Printers

Prepare to impress the world with the revolutionary NEW MS Printer Impres™ Soft Signage Printing System. Now in 1.8-meter and 3.2-meter wide printer models
A fully integrated digital soft signage printing system that promises to simplify your life and help you print more profits. Impres™ combines industry-leading technologies to bring you an all-in-one digital soft signage printing solution:

Business Advantages. Printing Performance

The new MS Italy Impres™ Soft Signage Solutions is designed to help you profitably expand your soft signage printing business. We’ve engineered Impres™ with you and your customer in mind. We want to impress you with the business advantages and printing performance Impres™ can offer so that you can impress your customers with the quality and range of your printing capabilities.
For interior and exterior applications of all shapes and sizes at astounding speeds and at costs, your bottom line will appreciate.

Perfecting Everything in Order to Impress

  • Stunningly brilliant signs
  • Strikingly vivid flags and banners
  • Crisp and vibrant table throws and wraps
  • Dynamic point-of-sale displays
  • Advertising, backlit signs
  • Powerful exhibition and stadium graphics

Vibrant Images. Brilliant Results.

Impres Soft Signage System applications

Engineered with the result of superior imaging output in mind, the MS Impres™ Soft Signage Solutions is a work of perfection.
For starters, the system comes standard with either 2, 4, or 16 industrial-strength Kyocera print heads that fire 4pl to 72pl size precision droplets in a 4” wide print swath. With laser accurate precision the Kyocera heads to ensure that every droplet falls precisely where intended to deliver impressively vibrant images and colour uniformity at incredibly high production speeds.

Innovative New Impres™ Ink Technology

Impres Soft Signage System inks

Masters in the art of ink making, our specially crafted, eco-friendly water-based inks offer a wide gamut of vibrant colours, all guaranteed to Impress the most critical eye.
Impres™ offers two incredible, high quality, cost-efficient dye-sublimation inks, uniquely formulated for Kyocera® print heads to ensure optimum printing speed, maximum jetting performance with efficient ink flow to reduce ink consumption, all while delivering, stable uniform ink coverage.

The MS Italy Soft Signage Solutions comes standard with 10-litre ink tanks to provide for maximum uptime, ideal for unattended printing, to minimize inefficiencies, such as operator intervention, and to provide for lower per millilitre ink costs.


Product Checklist

  • 1.8m and 3.2m wide
  • Kyocera print heads
  • New Impres™ ink technologies
  • DySubli for transfer printing
  • Dyrect S for direct-to-fabric
  • 10 litre ink tanks

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...