Martin Group

The Martin Group has been producing a wide range of fusing devices, from simple flat plate designs to sophisticated flatbed lamination machines for more than 50 years

The X series flatbed laminator

Able to process sportswear, shirts, jackets, the machines can also handle leather and roll to roll lamination products

With automatic in-feed and rewinding systems, complete with edge guiding, you can have confidence in the accuracy of the boding process

Automatic cross-cutting, stacking systems, multiple belt options and cooling systems all enhance the products making them extremely flexible in use

Product Checklist

  • Independent heating zone control
  • Pre-heating and final heating
  • Continuous top, bottom or both heating
  • Adaptive, standard or hard roller configurations
  • Feed, exit and return belts
  • Fan or adaptive cooling system
  • Mechanical or driven feeding and winding systems
  • Stackers
  • Electrostatic bars
  • Magnet bars

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...