Stitching Machinery

New stitching and other technologies allow us to create highly flexible systems combining machinery design, strength and precision.

We can produce systems for a host of applications. These can be continuous roll stitching systems as well as fully automated systems for the making up of finished goods. We have several Linear rail stitching systems for joining fabric batches before processing.

Special purpose machines can also be designed and custom engineered to meet the very specific demands of fabric finishing applications.

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Product Checklist

  • Fabric Preparation
  • Linear Rails for the joining of fabric rolls within a production environment
  • Join Two or More Fabrics Before Dyeing and Finishing
  • Custom Stitching Machines

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...



Machines for Fabric Preparation

Preparation machines are modular and built accordingly to client’s needs. Works carried out:  unrolling, sorting, sewing head to tail stitching of pieces, roll winding or pleated.

  • Loading and automatic feeding of rolls into stitching section
  • Unwinding fabric’s speed: 180 m/min.  When roll come to end, automatic fabric slow down for instantaneous stop.
  • Sewing system with double cradle
  • Sewing system with double cradle, j-box and driving system for constant tension of fabric
  • Linear rail for automatic cycle head to tail straight seams with a pneumatic blocking and stitch sewing system
  • Linear rail equipped with two sewing machines
  • Automatic sewing system with automatic tension device, reinforcing the two ends of the seams
  • Suction of vacuum waste and automatic thread trimmer at the end of sewing process
  • Application of linear rails on unwinding cradle
  • Fabric exit in folder form
  • Exit with tangential/axial winder




Linear Rails for Automatic Cycle - head to tail straight seams

  • Anodised aluminium section frame
  • 700 to 6000 mm working width
  • 220v single phase or three phase asynchronous power supply
  • Overheads lockstitch or chain stitch seams
  • Cogged belt transverse travel and reduction gear featuring a torque-limiting device
  • Inverter controlled motor drive with electronic speed adjustment



Machine to Join Two or More Fabrics Before Dyeing and Finishing

Machine used to join two or more fabrics of the same of different heights to form a single sheet to optimise the subsequent processing stages such as dyeing and finishing. The great advantage of this system is the ability to double/triple the productivity by optimizing costs.  Perfect alignment of two or more sheets and stitching near the selvedge. Other models/options are available and we will be pleased to discuss your exact needs.