Roll Packaging Machines

Whatever your packaging or wrapping requirements, we have a machine to assist you in automating your needs.

Semi-Automatic Fabric Roll Packaging Machine

  • Packing Capacity 50-60 rolls/hour.
  • With the help of sensors, automatic diameter measurement system can measure the diameter of the roll in the entrance using sensors and nylon film waste is reduced according to the roll diameter.
  • It is suitable for packing Min.150mm Max. 350mm fabric rolls diameter.
  • Edge closing of the roll is done by insufflating the hot air at both sides of the roll and puckering the nylon film. When the roll is rotating on the cylinder hot-air blowers approach near to both ends of the roll and the nylon is heated properly and then the ends are puckered.
  • Puckered nylon film is pressed flat by the moving plates once heating is removed

Full Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine

  • Fabric roll wrapping with nylon film, side sealing using thermal welding
  • 80-100 rolls/hour packing capacity
  • Packaged roll is passed through shrink unit for close-fitting wrapping
  • Multi-loading from roll machine to conveyors and automatic pinpoint multi-dispatching to carriages
  • Automatic nylon film changing system according to different  widths
  • Specific solutions for the packing of large diameter rolls

Come and visit our demo and test centre to see a smaller roll packaging machine in operation.

Product Checklist

  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic
  • Combined inspection & packing

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...

Shrink roll

Inspection and fully automated roll packaging

Semi-automatic roll packaging