Fabric Inspection Machines

Inspection machines with options for batching

Our range of batching / inspection machines ranges from the most basic applications to the most sophisticated.

Often, customers request our bespoke design and build approach, to meet their specific needs. We have systems available to work with knitted, woven and non-woven products, in working web widths of 5000mm plus.

Visual web inspection software and high-resolution camera systems.

Fabrics are traditionally produced from yarn and are either knitted or woven. The machinery involved and the product are traditionally monitored by staff visually. The same person also performs the set up for that machine.

By automating the inspection process, it can help to alleviate errors in production that can be missed through visual inspection by an operator.

Cost and performance pressures continue to increase for companies. Allied with this is the difficult balance of the amount of machinery versus production/operator costs. In general, less time is available for the most important factor, quality control.

Our cost-effective software and monitoring systems will integrate into your existing equipment, sometimes with only minor changes. Obviously, we can also add them to our wide range of other machinery, meeting the requirement for an inbuilt quality monitoring system.

These systems will generally perform an inspection to a standard better than that provided by an operator; thereby freeing up the operator for other tasks. As the production speed increases, the human eye cannot pick up a lot of the production errors that a high-speed camera system can, thereby improving the quality of the product.

When our clients are looking to install multiple systems, we can integrate our solutions into a central reporting and tracking system. Each individual system consists of relatively low-cost, high-resolution hardware, coupled with sophisticated technical software and the appropriate lighting necessary to fulfil the customer requirements.

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Product Checklist

  • Woven and non-woven
  • Most production needs can be accomodated
  • Rolling
  • Packing

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...

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