Holt Melt Machines

Our hot melt application machines are used primarily in the automotive, aerospace and technical textiles markets in a high production speed environment

Simplified hotmelt lamination process

The hot melt process is used to change the surface of a product by coating the substrate with the hot melt product, or to bond a film to a substrate or to bond two substrates together to create a laminated product

The hot melt machines are used with many types of textile and non-textile products. Various types of product can be laminated together, such as:

  • woven fabrics
  • knitted fabrics
  • non-wovens
  • membranes, films
  • foams

Typical areas where the end-products can be utilised are:

  • active wear (outdoor)
  • functional and protective clothing
  • automotive interiors
  • home textiles, upholstery, mattress ticking • hygiene and medical products
  • fusible interlinings
  • technical composites

Product Checklist

  • 700-3000mm
  • 3-50m/min
  • Up to 20g/m2

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...