Flatbed Lamination


Flatbed lamination machinery is often used to bond individual ‘pieces’ of fabric together.

This is useful for bonding or laminating individual pieces of varying sizes.

In conjunction with manual or automatic in-feed and exit systems, the same machine is more than capable of providing a solution for roll to roll as well

In-feed control system

Flatbed lamination options include guiding and winding systems with the option of an edge tracking capability on both the in-feed and out-take

Flatbed laminator with auto feed and rewind system

Product Checklist

  • 450-3200mm web width
  • Multi-zone heating
  • Independent upper/lower heating
  • Feed/Exit/Return belts
  • Bespoke entry/rewind systems
  • Roll to roll/Pieces
  • Cooling
  • Roll adhesives
  • Powder scattering option

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