Bonding and Lamination

The bonding and lamination of fabric can be used to create a multi-layer construction and often uses a polymer film.

Simple bonding process

Bonded fabrics come in 2 main forms: non-woven textiles, and layers of woven/non-woven fabric joined by means of a bonding agent, such as fabric glue.

Laminated fabrics are used in rainwear, automotive, and many other applications. Layers of fabric are joined together with a bonding agent such as a thermoplastic adhesive.

A nonwoven fabric is often a material that is made from staple fibres (short) and long fibres (continuous long), which are bonded together. This process is done by using a one or more of the following treatments, chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent.

We offer an extensive range of roll to roll, roll to piece, and piece to piece bonding and lamination machines, plus foil bonding, available to handle web/piece widths of up to 5.0m. These machines can be incredibly versatile, fulfilling several roles and serving several applications, such as Dye Sublimation Printing, Direct Fixation of fabric that has been printed.

Customers can use our machines across many technical textile market sectors, most noteworthy the aerospace and automotive industry. Consequently, our machinery range is especially useful within the seating, fashion and home textile markets.

Ranging from a short run entry-level system to a full-scale production line, our machinery solutions offer fantastic value for money. In addition, they can offer a relatively quick return on investment, notwithstanding the latest technology and techniques required.

Customers can buy the machines with options, such as a Nomex or Silicone coated belt, Teflon coated drum and Powder Scattering unit. Other options include chilling units, internal and external pressure rollers, bespoke entry and exit systems, plus in-line slitting etc.

Visit our demo and test centre to see some machines in operation, or to try your ideas before you buy.

Thermoplastic Adhesives for use with our bonding and lamination machinery:

Thermoplastic adhesives have varying levels of adhesion and are therefore hugely versatile for many industrial applications.

Supplying our customers with thermoplastic adhesives as powder, web, net, mesh or film, we offer solutions to fit with most, if not all applications!

Download our handout for suggested uses of the machinery

Scroll down to view picture and video examples of some of our range and, for more information, please contact us.

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Product Checklist

  • Bonding and Lamination Machines
  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Pieces, Pieces-to-Pieces
  • Silicon or Nomex Belt
  • Teflon Coating and many other options
  • Drum, from 215 to 1500mm
  • Width up to 5000mm
  • Bespoke entry and exit systems
  • Bespoke in-line slitting

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...

Bonding and Lamination machine

A recently added feature is the ability to perform in-line slitting following the bonding process

Powder Scattering Device

Power Scattering Devices are available with the latest technology and combined with the all-important price, performance and ratio. Here's one added to an existing line Regular scattering of the powder gives a consistently even coating across the substrate width and length
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Wide Width Bonding Machine

Bonding machine with a 500mm drum and a working width of 3.4metres
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Affordable Bonding and Lamination Machinery

If your production requirements cannot justify a big spend then call us to learn more about our Affordable Bonding and Lamination Machinery.
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A Flatbed pieces machine alongside a Roll-to-Roll

A machine capable of Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Pieces or Piece-to-Piece
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Not just a bonding machine, a multi purpose machine

A multi-purpose Heat Transfer Calendar, which is designed to be a Bonding and Lamination machine. That's not all though, it can also be utilised for fabric conditioning, dye sublimation printing and other uses. Come and see it in action at our demonstration facility