Thermoplastic adhesive

The various abifor® thermoplastic adhesive (hotmelt) materials can be used in many different areas:

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the automotive industry are used in vehicle headliners, rear parcel shelves, boot liners, soft trim, seat coverings, floor carpets, gearbox coverings and engine compartment insulation.

Building construction
Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the building construction industry can be used for roof trussed film, wall and ceiling liners, pipe insulation, carpet backing and also as an additive for paint and colouring.

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives are widely used for technical laminates to bond many different substrates, e.g. textile products, foams, nonwovens, fibres and metal sheets as well as back-coating of carpets.

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the shoe and leather industry are used to bond interlinings in a leather garment, luggage, shoe counters, toe puffs, chairs, armchairs and car seats.

Thermoplastic adhesives are widely used in the textile industry for ladies’ and men’s garment, shirt collar interlinings, cuffs, button rows, lapels, memory-form shirts, small parts and fixation bands.

Thermoplastic hotmelt powders are also utilised as additives for the cosmetic industry, used for peeling and cleaning products as well as for hygienic products.


Listed below are the various types of adhesive available:

Co-Polyamide (CoPA)
Hotmelt powder for ladies’ and men’s’ wear, uniforms and technical applications
Thermoplastic webs and nets for textile, apparel and automotive
Thermoplastic nets for apparel and automotive
Hotmelt films for textile, apparel, automotive and construction

Co-Polyester (CoPES)
Hotmelt powders for ladies’ wear, blouses, technical applications
Thermoplastic webs for textile, apparel, automotive and construction
Hotmelt films for automotive and construction

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Hotmelt powders for shirt interlining and technical applications, automotive (rear shelf, trunk liner, floor carpet group, interior parts)

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Hotmelt powders for nonwovens, interlinings, small textile parts and fixation bands and technical applications, automotive (Headliners, interior parts)
Water soluble hotmelt powder for temporary bonding

Ethylene-Vinylacetate (EVA)
Hotmelt powders for technical laminates, roof trussed films and leather bonding

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)
Thermoplastic webs for leather and shoe, foams
Hotmelt films for technical application

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Hotmelt powders for technical bonding, conveyor belts and leather applications
Thermoplastic nets for textile, apparel and automotive
Hotmelt film for automotive, construction and foams

Polypropylene (PP)
Hotmelt powders for technical bonding with high bond fail temperature and substitution of PP fiber bonding

Polycaprolatone (PCL)
Hotmelt powder for greasy leather and metal (e.g. aluminum)

Terpolymere (PO)
Hotmelt powder for technical applications
Thermoplastic films for automotive, construction, foam and nonwovens

Hotmelt powders blends for specific applications in the automotive and building construction industry (e.g. technical laminates); custom designed solutions

Modified hotmelt powders, thermoplastic webs and films for bonding with specific requirements

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  • Adhesive Webs
  • Adhesive Nets
  • Adhesive Films

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