Coating Liquid and Compounds

Coating liquids and compounds for the international textile and non-woven industry from SCHMITS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS. Their list of products consists of Adhesives, Polymer Solutions, Flame Retardancy, Repellency, Speciality Coatings, Additives.

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Their chemical solutions and different types of coating liquid are developed to give your products one or more distinguishing characteristics or optimize your product, through which you will be able to obtain a decisive advantage in your market.

One of SCHMITS main strengths is their ability to develop chemical solutions and coating liquids specifically for you.

Product Checklist

  • Adhesives
  • Polymer Solutions
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Repellency
  • Speciality Coatings
  • Additives

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...



Our Bemicoll adhesives range consists of compounds according to three main principles:  pressure sensitive adhesives, wet laminating and thermoplastic laminating.  We are also  able to formulate products with the exact properties to meet your requirements.

Polymer Solutions

The Bemifix product range consists of VAC, V/ACR, ACR, PU and resin based polymers.  These have a wide range of applications and characteristics, such as influencing the handle or dimension stability of a typical material.  They can be used as a base-coat or a ready-for-use finish.

Flame Retardancy

Our Bemiflame products are a selection of environmentally friendly flame retardants, with a wide range of possible applications. Offering solutions to a diverse range of industries, such as the building, automotive and aircraft industry, our flame retardants meet the industry’s most common standards.


Schmits has built up a selection of intelligent systems for achieving exceptional repellency properties.  These are based on the latest technologies.  Working with your requirements, we are able to provide a sophisticated solution for the combination between a Bemiguard, Bemiflame and/or Bemifix product.

Speciality Coatings

The Bemicoat product group is a selection of the sophisticated products that we offer, that have the ability to provide special features to the surface of a substrate.  They can add value to your material, by giving, for example, an anti-slip effect, an improved printability or protection against heat and liquids.  Bemicoat products can help you achieve unique selling points of the products you provide to your customers, and give you the opportunity to stay ahead in your market.


Our additional product range optimizes and expands the usability of our chemical solutions.  The products available compose of dispersing agents, lubricants, thickeners, wetting agents, foaming and de-foaming agents, catalysts and anti-static agents.