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Fabric Processing & Finishing Machinery

i2Europe is a pro-active supplier of machinery to the Technical Textile, Fabric Processing and Finishing machinery; an area where we have extensive knowledge.

Some providers will only offer you off-the-shelf products, whereas we pride ourselves in being able to come up with innovative designs and solutions to match your off-the-wall ideas.

Let us provide the solution for your company, to increase your production, help you diversify into more markets or achieve your long-term goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific or bespoke requirements.

Our demonstration facility can be used for basic research and development of new techniques and ideas. Wherever possible, we allow clients to view and use our facilities to test their new or preconceived ideas before buying a machine.

Please call us today to arrange for a visit, even if it is only to see what we can offer you in the future; bring your own technical textile or fabric samples for testing?

Occasionally and subject to certain criteria, should you require a practical demonstration of the machinery in use, we can show you the machines in action at certain of our clients’ premises.

Please enjoy our website, where you will see pictures and videos of technical textile processing machinery we have recently installed. Then let us know your ideas or exact requirements and how we can further expand your production needs.

Your privacy is important to us, please visit our privacy page to view our policy. We do not share your ideas with our other clients, and we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, before we start to discuss design ideas with you, as with many of our existing clients.

See Our Textile Machines in Action

Our Research, Test & Demo Centre enables you, as a customer, to see several of our machines in action.

As most of our clients work in niche markets where product information can be sensitive, feel free to send us a copy of your Non-Disclosure Agreement for us to sign beforehand; we have many NDA’s already in place with a vast number of customers.

We can make sample tests with your products, contact us to arrange this; we can send the finished samples back to you before your visit. If the samples are small, please send them to our main office; if the samples are large, please send them direct to our demo unit and let us know when they will be delivered, as we may be out visiting clients.


Call us to arrange a meeting there, as the ability to test your fabrics with new ideas and concepts, to see how they work together, can be especially useful prior to purchasing a machine. If you want to test your own fabrics, adhesives, ideas and concepts, please don’t forget to bring your products with you, as we may not have a suitable equivalent in stock.

We have a range of adhesive products available to test your bonding or lamination process and we can advise you which type of adhesive would be most suited to your ideas.

With regard to embossing, foiling, ciré and polishing, we have some different sample cylinders available to show you and test with. We offer a very competitive cylinder engraving process, so it could suit your purposes to test your design on our machine before purchasing the full machine.

Demo Centre

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