Fabric Heat Transfer Calendar

Our machine portfolio contains a configurable calendar amongst others, which has been designed for many solutions across the fashion, furnishing, automotive, printing, non-woven and film industries.

The temperature range of our machines goes up to 230 °C, meaning that materials with many different properties and specific setting needs can easily be processed.

With our in-house experience and bespoke design capability, we can help you to find the best device to manage the process you require (be it woven or stretch fabric etc.)

  • operating speeds up to around 12m/min are possible using different sized heated drums, ranging from 215mm up to 1500mm in diameter
  • our calender machines can work with substrate widths up to 5000mm
  • the range of machines goes from compact sizes to configurations for high volume production, utilising the larger drums
  • options are available depending upon the selected application and substrates
  • the processes do not use solvents or water and are therefore eco-friendly
  • simple controls help with the ease of use

The machines are multi-functional, making them additionally suitable for:

  • reactivation and setting of disperse and pigment inks printed directly onto fabrics with digital plotters or screen-printing machines
  • “crush” heat setting
  • bonding with black-out films, thermoplastic and pressure sensitive films/webs

Please scroll down and view some pictures and videos of examples available and contact us with your requirements.


Product Checklist

  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Pieces, Piece-to-Piece
  • Nomex belt
  • Oil filled drum
  • Drum diameter 215 to 1500mm
  • Up to 5000mm fabric width
  • Bespoke Entry, Exit and Slitting
  • Auto start and shutdown

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements. For details...

180-350 Transfer machine

180-350 Transfer machine

500-340 Transfer machine

500-340 Transfer machine

Pieces Machine

Pieces machine

Rotary Heat Transfer Calendar

A multi-purpose Heat Transfer Calendar, which is also capable of and performing as a Bonding and Lamination machine