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Our company

Textile machinery is an area where we have extensive knowledge, especially in the coating, bonding and lamination of fabric and textiles. We also offer a wide range of digital textile printing, heat transfer and fixation machinery.

Our range of textile machines are used across the soft signage, home, fashion, converting, automotive, aerospace and technical textile industries, in many countries around the world.

Other textile machinery and processes:

Many customers have approached us for other types of fabric processing, such as embossing, cire (fabric polishing) and foiling. We also provide various types of slitting, roll packing (wrapping), batching, and inspection machines.

As our portfolio of machines continues to grow, we are able to provide a complete solution for all your textile processing, whatever the size or application.

Our demonstration suite allows for the research and development of new techniques, enabling clients to view and use our machines. The demonstration and test facilities will also allow clients to test their ideas before buying a machine. Please call us to arrange for a visit

Our suppliers include Klieverik, MS Printing Solutions, Muratex, Demas, Kuris and Sonobond Ultrasonics.

Please enjoy our website, where you will see many pictures and videos of textile machinery we have recently installed. Then let us know your ideas or exact requirements and how we can further expand your production needs.

Let us provide the solution to your company, to achieve it’s goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific or bespoke requirements.


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